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Find insights.
Stop wasting time.

Tame your data with integrated capture,
analysis and collaboration tools in an
easy-to-use package.

Analyzing data? Tuhunga is for you.
Save Time
  • Eliminate repetitive data gathering with automated imports
  • Build complete analyses in minutes

Gain Insight
  • Find trends and items of interest with powerful analysis methods unique to Tuhunga
  • Explore, summarize, drill down and explain data with interactive visualizations

Improve Profitability
  • Get real-time notification when critical events occur
  • Define and monitor key metrics with a custom dashboard / report card

What makes us different is that we're designed by business users for business users

Here are just some of the ways we're different from other analysis suites
Automated Data Gathering
Your data is updated when you want it to be updated, without you having to update it.
Real Data Validation
Have incoming data checked against your custom criteria to ensure captured data is correct.
User Data Review
Manage critical datasets by accepting or rejecting changes. Useful for reviewing data from others.
Automated Reporting
Run reports when you want them to be run. Why not schedule them and have them emailed to you?
Incremental Reporting
No more reviewing long reports looking for that one item in a hundred that changed. Only see the changes.
Automated Monitoring
Get a report when something new meets your custom criteria. Use it to monitor for key events.
Eliminate Stale Data
Stop searching for the newest version of a file - you always use the most recent data in all analysis.
Efficient Collaboration
Not only do you have the most recent data, so does everyone with whom you've shared your data.
Familiar UI
Tuhunga is designed for business users, not IT experts. We aim to have users productive within an hour.

Contact us to learn more, or see Tuhunga in action

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