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Tuhunga -
it's like having an analyst
working for you 24 hours a day.

Profound insight.
Intelligent automation.
Effective delegation.

Automate data collection
  • Enable systematic data gathering from the Internet - no human intervention needed after initial setup
  • Track data that could not have been tracked before, for cost or other reasons
  • Allow multiple users to simultaneously add new data to a single dataset without conflicts

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Manage critical data stores
  • Establish automated validation checks to ensure data integrity
  • Require owner approval after capture but before data acceptance via web or email interface
  • Trim entire datasets with advanced filtering rules

Monitor key metrics
  • Automate reporting so output is always fresh without any human intervention
  • Generate reports that only show changes from the prior report
  • Create a new BI reporting solution in minutes
  • Use in virtually any environment - inventory levels, financial markets, or sports scores, to name a few

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Find trends and insights quickly
  • Navigate your data using advanced filtering
  • Create reports in minutes - and update in three clicks
  • Consolidate data and calculate pivot tables
  • Enhance understanding of trends by enabling rapid data exploration and trend seeking

Combine numerous datasets in moments
  • Stop laborious and error-prone manual data linking in spreadsheets - and in a fraction of the time as well
  • Analyze multiple sets simultaneously as if they were a single set
  • Eliminate stale files - output always tied to the newest data

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Visualize data in many ways
  • Standard graphs - draw area, line, bar, column, pie, candlestick and scatter charts
  • Geographically - plot by country, state, local area, street addresses, latitude/longitude or using custom shapes
  • Heatmaps - spot trends by size and color
  • Bubbles - explore with four degrees of freedom
  • Gauges - enhance a dashboard
  • Motion - animate changes over time

Improve team collaboration
  • Allow data to be shared with colleagues - all team members always have latest version
  • Ensure security with complete control over access to data (read and/or write) and output
  • Embed tables and graphs in Internet or corporate Intranet web pages

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Increase productivity with third party data
  • Slash time spent finding commonly-used information - we may already have it in a ready-to-use form
  • Eliminate time spent updating common data - third party sets are maintained for you
  • Search and browse the repository to discover relevant data series

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