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Gauge Example
Last 30 Days
All of the dashboard examples on this page are based upon US insider trading data filed with the SEC. This dataset is available to members and allows them to build their own dashboards and alerts without needing to maintain the data.

Gauges provide an excellent method to quickly appraise the current situation at a glance.

In this particular example, the gauges are displaying the ratio of officer sales to purchases over each time period, and are automatically updated without any user involvement.

Standard Chart Example
Tuhunga supports the standard chart types (area, bar, column, line, pie, and scatter).

More advanced visualizations such as the gauges above, and the heatmap below are also available.

Here, the chart is showing the officer purchases by week for the last 26 weeks. As before, this chart is automatically updated without any user involvement.

Consolidation in a Table Example


Industries With Highest Insider Purchasing ($ millions)
Interactive tables support custom formatting and allow a user to sort the contents by clicking on the header.

For this result set, Tuhunga selects all the purchases and sales over the last 153 days, consolidates them by the industry of the issuer, and selects all of the transactions from the top ten industries.

The report consolidates the transactions by industry, and computes the aggregate purchases and sales of all insiders and, separately, for all officers of the companies in those industries over the time period.

Heatmap Example


Industries With Highest Insider Purchasing
This heatmap uses the same aggregated industry data as the table above.

The size of each rectangle is proportional to the dollar amount of insider purchases, and the color is determined by the ratio of purchases to sales, where higher ratios are green, and lower are red.

Hovering over a rectangle with a mouse, or touching them on a mobile device, displays the entire industry name, as well as other information in the box below the graphic.

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