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Simplify Capture with an Intuitive Interface
  • Easy to select data in any of the supported formats, whether uploaded or online
  • Capture individual elements, or entire tables at once
  • Point-and-click on data to select individual elements
  • Set the bounds on tables, or have them automatically expand to capture all of the data
  • Select the key nodes for hierarchical data (XML, JSON) to preserve context
  • Don't be constrained by a single URL. Browse the web, submit forms, login to sites, and capture the results.

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Enable Truly Dynamic Capture
  • Select a group of links on a web page and import the contents of each
  • Follow source data that changes locations
  • Use data from one source to build custom URLs and capture each document, such as:
    • Using a list of items in a spreadsheet to build URLs and capture HTML from each
    • Taking a table from one web page and using it to capture data from a different site
    • Importing data from a list of spreadsheet files on a web page
  • Import multi-page data from web APIs

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Preserve the Integrity of Your Data
  • Use content checks to ensure a valid source document
  • Create patterns to validate your data
  • Define patterns to extract targeted data
  • Add user-defined metadata to provide context
  • Review new data with optional owner validation

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