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A relentless
focus on data.

Capturing it. Analyzing it.
Visualizing it. Sharing it.

Using spreadsheets?
Considering a custom implementation?
When it comes to data analysis, the traditional solutions have major drawbacks:

  • Spreadsheets
    Not optimized for any particular function. Require a large number of manual steps, making them both time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Custom applications
    Slow to deploy, difficult for users to adapt as requirements change. Expensive both to set up and to maintain.

Tuhunga's focus on data analysis offers all of the following benefits. Do the others?
Improved productivity
  • Automated data gathering
    Have data updated when you want it to be updated, without you doing it.
  • Automated reporting
    Run reports when you want them to be run. Schedule them and have them emailed to you automatically.
  • Incremental reporting
    Stop reviewing long reports looking for that one item in a hundred that changed - only see the changes.
  • Automated monitoring
    Receive a report when custom criteria are met. Use this to monitor for events.
  • Easy updates
    Re-run an analysis with three clicks
Fewer errors
  • Real data validation
    Halt automated imports when content doesn't meet your validation criteria.
  • Owner data review
    Review changes before they're made and approve or reject them with a click or email.
  • Seamless dataset merging
    Eliminate mislinked cells in spreadsheets.
  • Most recent data always used
    Stop searching for the newest version of a file or accidentally using stale data.
  • No more manual data manipulation
    Eliminate accidental data corruption by users
Enhanced collaboration
  • Parallel workflows
    Share data with colleagues and everyone uses the latest version at the same time.
  • Multiple contributors
    Permit colleagues to update team data or view results in tables or charts.
  • Advanced visualizations
    Increase message effectiveness with maps, heatmaps, gauges and a dozen other options.
  • Simple to integrate with a web page
    Embed tables or charts in Internet or Intranet web pages.
  • Familiar UI
    Understand other users' analyses in an easy step-by-step manner.

There are no IT infrastructure requirements - get started today
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