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Turn information
into insight.

Make data productive.
Hone your competitive edge.

Monitoring competitors' pricing
  • Automates product price capture from competitors' websites
  • Maintains a historical pricing dataset for future analysis
  • Monitors pricing data for changes
  • Alerts user when there's a price change that meets a specified threshold

Flagging delinquent receivables
  • Finds risky receivables with customized filters based upon age, size, location, and more
  • Meshes with sales rep data for accountability reports
  • Offers multi-stage approval process to ensure data integrity
  • Automates notification process to improve response time

Finding proprietary trading signals
  • Uses data available on Tuhunga, freeing the user from dataset maintenance
  • Includes domain-specific examples with the data
  • Alerts user and sends a custom report when actionable events occur
  • Creates new metrics and alerts in minutes, instead of weeks necessary for custom programming

Driving macroeconomic dashboards
  • Displays key metrics on a dashboard for entire team within corporate Intranet
  • Uses comprehensive function set to find trends
  • Consolidates data from multiple statistical agencies automatically
  • Leverages existing datasets offered by Tuhunga

Imagine deploying these kinds of applications in minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months.

Build Applications with Ease

Find insights in minutes
  • And when needs change, Tuhunga can accommodate them
Get professional-quality results
  • See and communicate with ease
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