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Introduction to Alerting

Don't be restricted to pre-defined alert criteria. Tuhunga lets users receive alerts based upon their custom criteria, whether simple or complex. They can also receive their customized reports directly in their inbox.


This example uses the Tuhunga-provided daily foreign exchange rates dataset that is included with all memberships.

Select a Dataset: Daily Foreign Exchange Rates
Custom Filter

The filter selects the current day's exchange rates, and checks to see if the three exchange rate criteria are satisified.

If one or more are satisfied, the report that follows is used to create the results that are sent to the user as part of the alert.
Use a filter and select today's rates if any of the following are true:
  • Current Euro/USD > 1.55
  • Current Euro/USD changed by +/- 2% over prior day
  • Current Euro/USD changed by +/- 4% over prior week's average
Custom Report

Builds the report to be used on the data coming from the filter.

Use a report to select the items to be sent to the user in the alert:
  • Current date
  • Current Euro/USD rate
  • Change in the rate from the prior day
  • Change in the rate from the prior week's average
  • Change in the rate from the prior 45-day maximum

This alert was automatically sent directly to the user via email.

Receive Alert

Incremental Alerting - Only See Items Not Previously Seen

This example uses the US insider trading dataset, which was also used in the dashboard demonstration. Here, we demonstrate how Tuhunga can be used to alert the user when new results meet the criteria, as opposed to all results matching the criteria.

If you've ever had to look through long lists of results in an effort to find the new items, you'll appreciate the value of this feature.

The filter criteria for this alert requires total officer purchases for a given company to be at least $250,000 over the prior three weeks.

This alert was sent directly to the user via email.

The alert shows three Tesoro Logistics purchases, which individually do not meet the criteria but, when aggregated over the two different purchasers and two different days, may indicate an important trend.

The alert also shows a Valhi purchase that does not meet the $250,000 level but, when combined with other Valhi purchases over the prior three weeks, continues to meet the criteria for significance, as seen in the rightmost column.

The earlier Valhi purchases were shown in prior alerts, and do not appear here. If desired, however, it is easy to configure this option.

Alert for Significant Insider Purchases

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